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Visionaries that Woke Us Up

The Unruly Mystics multi–part series produced by Crazy Wisdom Films, will explore the wellness and spiritual connection to creativity, nature and science.  These series are carefully curated around each subject theme, and produced to find the insightful stories of today’s modern mystics, to explore and engage the viewers with an experiential journey through the visual craft of film.

Inspiring documentaries from an international filmmaker, Michael M. Conti, about the old and upcoming unruly mystics that walk among us.  Le these films will wake us up!  These non-fiction personal narrative films inspire us through the filmmaker’s eyes to the stories of people living their own lives as mystics, artists, theologians, thinkers and writers.

Every generation when finding its own voice also rediscovers the teachers, mystics, geniuses, misfits, rebels, troublemakers from the past, and these films are the filmmaker’s gifts to remind us of those unruly mystics that stood strong, brave, open and everlasting awake for all of us.

Crazy Wisdom Films are rich in detail and inspire us through stories of others to discover our own remarkable potential.  Each film is crafted to be appealing to a multi-generational audience, from the twenty something-spiritual seekers to the gray-haired elder who seeks a deeper wisdom on the subject.  The films remind us of the common good and connection that we have to the earth and spirit.   A connection that is stronger and deeper than one nation, religion, race, class or gender.

Release Schedule:

The Unruly Mystic: Saint Hildegard of Bingen (released 2014)

Discover why many consider Saint Hildegard of Bingen to be the patron saint of creativity and her continued impact today. This 12th century abbess became famous as a Christian Mystic and visionary, as well as a musical composer and writer, and whose medicine is still practiced in Europe today.

The Unruly Mystic: John Muir (scheduled release 2018)

Valuing our natural wild places for their transformational qualities, and encouraging everyone to deeply experience nature for its spiritual nourishment, “THE UNRULY MYSTIC: JOHN MUIR” explores the remarkable life and influential works of one of the patron saints of environmental activism. The filmmaker, though his own personal journey, entices people to appreciate nature’s beauty and to connect deeper to its abundance.

The Unruly Mystic: TBD (in development)

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